Use Your Storage Unit To Clean Out Your Home

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Use Your Storage Unit To Clean Out Your Home

You probably blow right past your local storage facility, but have you ever thought about using it to de-clutter your home? Over the years, you might accumulate loads of Christmas decor, extra furniture, and children's toys. However, you don't have to let these items fill your home to the brink. I have been cleaning and organizing homes for over twenty-five years, and I can tell you firsthand how useful a simple storage unit can be. If you want an easy, trouble-free way to clean out your place, take the time to rent a storage unit today. You never know when you might need a little extra space.


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Tips For Negotiating A Relocation Package With Your Employer

Relocating for work purposes is very common in the U.S., and almost 70% of employers offer relocation package incentives to employees that are willing to move. If you are asked to relocate and are not given any information about the incentives your employer is offering, you may want to ask about it. Before you ask, though, you should be prepared to negotiate the package your employer offers to you. Here are two factors of relocations you should look into to help receive the best package for your upcoming relocation.

Costs Of The Actual Move

The first and main incentive you should ask for and receive is the costs of the moving services for your relocation. Relocating to a new city or state is not easy to do, nor is it cheap. If you are asked to move, you should at least receive compensation for the costs you will incur from the moving company. You can ask your employer about this, and you may want to keep these factors in mind as you negotiate:

  • Does it include packing and unpacking? Basic moving services will include loading up your things at your current house and delivering them to your new house, but they do not always include packing and unpacking.
  • Does the compensation include moving extras? Moving companies have limitations and restrictions. They will move most of your furniture and personal items; however, they may not be able to move your piano, food, pets, or four-wheelers. If you have items that are excluded, find out if your employer will cover these additional costs.
  • Will it include storage costs? If you will move to an apartment temporarily, you should find out if the moving expenses covered in the package will include the storage unit fees you will incur.

You may also want to find out if your employer will allow you to choose the relocation moving company, or if there is one specific one you must use.

Extra Expenses Relating To The Move

Besides the actual costs of moving your things, there are so many other expenses you may incur from this move. By fully understanding what these are, you may have more room to negotiate with your employer. Here are some of the extra expenses you may end up with from this move:

  • Travel expenses for finding new house or apartment to live in – If you want to go house hunting, it will cost money to go to the new location and back. Some employers may pick up the tab for this.
  • Spousal assistance – If your spouse will not be moving with you right away, or if your spouse has trouble locating a job in the new location, you may be able to seek spousal assistance in your relocation package.
  • Fees for breaking your current lease – If you have to break your lease in order to move, your employer might be willing to cover this expense.
  • Costs related to your house – If you buy a new house and have trouble selling your old one, you may want to ask for compensation. This could include your employer agreeing to pay your mortgage payments on your old house until it sells, or it could include a guaranteed buyout of your house. This means your employer will buy your house if it does not sell within a certain amount of time.

There are so many different expenses you might incur from relocating, and it does not hurt to ask your employer to compensate you for these. If you would like to learn more about relocation services, contact a moving company that specializes in relocation services today. If you would like to learn more, click here for more information.