Use Your Storage Unit To Clean Out Your Home

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Use Your Storage Unit To Clean Out Your Home

You probably blow right past your local storage facility, but have you ever thought about using it to de-clutter your home? Over the years, you might accumulate loads of Christmas decor, extra furniture, and children's toys. However, you don't have to let these items fill your home to the brink. I have been cleaning and organizing homes for over twenty-five years, and I can tell you firsthand how useful a simple storage unit can be. If you want an easy, trouble-free way to clean out your place, take the time to rent a storage unit today. You never know when you might need a little extra space.


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Signs It's Time to Install a New Well Pump

A number of homes in rural areas are not connected to a municipal water system, so they must rely on a well to provide clean, fresh water for all of their household needs. If you're a homeowner who has a water well, you most likely want to ensure that there is not an interruption in water supply due to problems with your well. When it comes to water wells, one of the most important components is the water well pump. The well pump is responsible for forcing water out of the well and into the pipes that connect the well to your home. As a well owner, it is important to know the signs of a failing well pump. Some common signs that you need to install a new well pump include:

Unexplained Changes in Water Pressure

A change in water pressure could be due to a bad faucet that needs to be replaced or a showerhead that has a calcium buildup. When a decrease in water pressure is localized to one faucet or showerhead, it usually isn't a cause for concern. However, when your entire plumbing system experiences an unexplained change in water pressure, it can be a red flag that indicates that your well pump is on its last legs. When a well pump is breaking down, it will no longer have the power needed to pump water into your home. If you notice a drop in water pressure, it is best to have the well pump inspected and replaced before it fails altogether and you don't have access to any water. 

Dirty Water

A well pump is equipped with a filter to ensure that the water that flows from your taps is clear and clean. However, a faulty water well pump that is near failure may lose the ability to properly filter the water before it is forced into your pipes. When this happens, your well water may look cloudy or even muddy, which can be quite alarming. This is a problem that usually can't be repaired since once dirt and silt get into the well pump, the pump usually stops working quickly. In this type of situation, having a new water well pump is the way to go.

Unusually High Electric Bills

Water well pumps are powered by electricity, but when they are functioning properly, they usually do not add a lot to the bill. But a well pump that is on the brink of failure will not run efficiently and may cycle on and off frequently or run all the time. If this happens, your electric bill will be much higher than normal. When you have a high electric bill that can't be explained, have your water well pump inspected to see if it needs to be replaced.